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Recognising the importance of your special day, Driftwood Images promises to provide beautiful Wedding photographs to last generations, even after the memories fade.

Capturing people's relationships at a wedding is something Driftwood Images finds incredibly rewarding. Sharing time with your family and friends in the unfolding of your unique day and capturing it in a photographic record is a real privilege.

Driftwood Images hopes to not simply be your photographer but to fit in with your friends and guests in both the planning and on the day itself. Simply relax and enjoy your wedding day experience because Driftwood Images wants to make sure you enjoy every single part of it.

You direct which style is desired; whether you are looking for the traditional, creative, romantic, or candid photographs. Driftwood Images desires to tailor a package to suit your needs rather than make assumptions through set-in-stone packages. So it doesn't matter if you want only your ceremony captured, or you desire the entire day recorded, we can arrange a package to suit your needs.

Make sure your wedding photographs are just as spectacular as the day you have extensively planned by incorporating Driftwood Images fun relaxed natural imagery.

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Driftwood images will come to you at a location of your choice to photograph you or your loved ones.

Our photographer, Beth, combines skilled composition and personality to create photographs that make you look and feel amazing.

Her warm personality and dedication to ensuring a comfortable camera experience will put you at ease, allowing her to capture true moments with absolute beauty. Beth's talent lies in her down- to-earth approach, whether photographing children, adults or mums to be, her straightforward and quick process leads to great photographic results all the while making it a fun experience.

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Driftwood Images are skilled in repairing your aged and damaged photographs to revive their old glory once again. From minor marks or folds, to missing sections and major cracks, restoration is an invaluable option to bring back the joy of viewing your favourite photos.

Photographs are captured memories, moments in time, and we can help preserve and restore these precious memories. Whether it’s an old photograph that’s seen many house moves resulting in torn edges, cracked, or faded sections, or one that’s stained and has a corner torn off, in most cases we can restore it to its original condition, if not better. All without harming your original photograph we can repair your treasured memories.

We can scan all your old or favourite photographs and create a digital album on CD or DVD to better preserve you captured memories since photographs deteriorate over time. We also can create collages to remember special events, anniversaries, or people. Restore and preserve your memories for many generations to come, with Driftwood Images.

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A successful business relies on professional advertising to produce investment return. Industrial and Commercial photography combined with clever marketing help capture the audience of clients. Specialising in promotional events, product launches, functions and catalogue photography, Driftwood Images can provide a photographic solution to all your commercial needs.

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